Enjoy Top 5 Delhi Events And Discover The True Flair Of India

Reflection of Delhi cultureDelhi is the capital city of India and so events and festivals form a significant aspect of Delhi culture. If you are staying in Delhi you must be familiar with its number of great events and festivals that include Dussera, Lohri, International Mango festival, Qutub Festival, Tryst and many more. Now if you are a very enthusiastic Indian, you can’t afford to miss these popular events and festivals in Delhi.Fascinating DusseraIt is one of the fascinating Delhi events lasting for about 10 days. People rejoice in this festival by burning the effigies of Lord Ravana on the tenth day and it denotes the victory of the good over the evil power. 2012 Dussera falls on 24th of October, Wednesday. So get ready to engross yourself in the celebration of life and camaraderie this year on Dussera festival Delhi.Traditional LohriLohri is another great festival in Delhi celebrated with bonfires, singing as well as dancing held mostly during the month of January. It is related to harvesting rabi crops and people take various food items like peanuts, flours, etc to show gratitude to God for yielding good harvest.International Mango festivalIt is celebrated in the month of July and lasts for only two days. Different varieties of mangoes are presented in Delhi’s Talkatora stadium that include malda, alphanso, shamasi, balia, gelchia, mallika, himsagar, nigarin kheria, dhaman, fazia, amrapali, dhoon, ruchika, chorasya and lots more. Several mango growers from all across India take part in this event to present the lip smacking tastes of their fruits. You will be delighted to relish the high quality mouthwatering mangoes. It is one of the most exclusive Delhi events and also very profitable one. International Mango festival 2012 will take place from 7th July to 8th July. So seize this delicious event in Delhi and get invigorated.Qutub FestivalThis festival takes place for three days representing the tradition of Delhi. You can visit this event in the grounds of Qutub Minar during the month of October-November and can have an idea about the rich cultural heritage of India. Here you can enjoy some enlivening music and dance from the renowned artists of India and will be revitalized with the vitality of the place. Take hold of this magnificent event in the month of October 2012 and treat your senses in an enchanting way.Technology festival TrystYou can also grab hold of this science and technology event in Delhi at the time of February-March conducted by Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. Students from several parts of India pay a visit to this technological event and can think, create, compete, design and indulge in many appliances. If you are a student of engineering and technology, you can nurture your budding scientific talent in the fields of designing, robotics, computers and many others spheres. Join this amazing Delhi event and get indulged with a series of exhibitions, workshops and sci-fi shows.Enjoy these five popular events in Delhi and discover the true flair of India. Get into http://www.openingbells.com and rejuvenate yourself in a spectacular fashion.